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Comments by participants

Dear Prof. Fargion, Dear Fiammetta,

If all the new experiences, new ideas and new interesting people I've met on the Conference would be weighed in kilograms, I would have had to pay a lot of excess baggage at the airport yesterday.... THANK YOU very much for having gone through the troubles of organizing this conference, I think it was a very special event for everyone who was there. But the value this conference had to its participants its probably insignificant to the symbolic message of it. Getting together the young generation from all different branches of humanities, from all (!) 27 Member States, who have experienced a Europe completely different from the one their parents and grandparents lived in, and have them debate about the future of the EU is probably the best idea to solve the current crisis compared to any idea put forward by politicians and economists so far. I hope you will have the funds and the nerves to repeat this event many times in the future.

With best wishes,

Maria José Schmidt-Kessen Arenas, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa - Catolica Global School of Law


Dear Prof. Valeria Fargion, Dear Fiammetta,

Congratulations for the perfect organization of the conference. I know it was a huge effort to give birth to such a wonderful event. The idea of getting together students from the 27 states of the European Union, and debate fundamental issues of the European integration process was unique because it offered us the possibility to share our questions and answers with the Members of European Parliament. Even if there is a significant difference between the countries, this conference had also an important social aspect by bringing the students together under the aegis of the Italian culture, and it gave us the possibility to know each other. In the end, I want to express my hope that this event will happen again in the future, and a big Thank You to all organizers and to all participants.

Sincerely yours,

Octavian Sofronea, University of Bucharest - Faculty of Political Science




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