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RISE Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Relazioni Internazionali e Studi Europei


Alice Perini at the European Social Observatory (OSE) in Brussels.
"Thanks to the RISE Master Programme I had the highly valuable opportunity to spend my compulsory internship period at the European Social Observatory (OSE), in Brussels, through the Erasmus+ Program. The European Social Observatory is a Brussels-based research centre whose focus is mainly on EU social policies issues. Both its location and its indisputable value as a think tank made this an experience of great importance for my academic and professional future. During my time at OSE I was assigned a number of tasks which made me acquire significant practical experience. I provided support in qualitative and quantitative research through literature reviews, final feedbacks on articles as well as editing activities. I also contributed to some publications of the Observatory. Moreover, I took part in scholars meeting, numerous conference and met people working in EU institutions, mainly from the DG Employment with which the OSE is actively cooperating. Thanks to this practical experience, I learned so much about the European Union mechanism which can sometimes be difficult to understand by simply reading a textbook. Brussels is the real centre of the European Union life: there you can meet people coming from all around Europe and beyond, working for all the European institutions and realities (lobbies, NGOs, regions and so on) in all the fields of expertise; you will feel at the centre of the world and you will be able to make contacts for your working future. Working at the OSE was an enriching and rewarding experience that taught me a lot about how research activities are conducted in practice and made it possible for me to gain first-hand experience on EU dynamics and policy-making."


Salvatore Collura, stage at the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions, Brussels.

"Thanks to the “Erasmus+” Programme I had the opportunity to be trainee at the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions of Europe. Even if short (the internship’s duration was just 3 months) this experience has been really exciting and intense. I was part of the Migration Task Force and the Islands’ Commission. My activity was focused mainly on migration, but I also worked in other interesting issues like European regional policy, transport, climate change and energy. My main tasks were policy-watch (in particular European Parliament’s activity towards migration) and analysis of political development, in order to prepare summaries and technical papers useful for the activity of the Islands’ Commission and the Task Force on Migration. I conducted a survey related to European funds for migration and how Italian regions use them. It gave me the chance to participate at many events organized within the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions, which were attended even by different MPs. All the people of CPMR staff were very kind with me at any moment all times, making my internship an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions of Europe because it is involved in numerous sectors concerning European regional policy, thus you’ll get the opportunity to work on very interesting topics. Moreover you’ll be part of a professional organisation which is very well know at European level".


Ezgi Ozan, stage at the Fondazione Brodolini, Brussels.

"I took my internship at Brussels Office of Fondazione Brodolini, from 16 January to 18 April with Erasmus placement. It was such improving experience which gives opportunity for self –learning with constant support and to see your own potential. The main activities I have done except supporting other tasks and participate knowledge aperitifs: to prepare background papers to support call for proposals, to make legislative and statistical researches which I did on gender equality policies and particularly on  gender pay gaps, legislation and implementation, to prepare report on specific topic which I did for Ankara Office of Foundation, about Turkey which includes public administration research with decentralization process and public sector innovations, sector analysis and new opportunities. Furthermore, there were always little, often urgent tasks to support other projects, proposals, and policy or research papers. The office environment was semi-formal and very friendly, the officials were always ready for help and to answer questions or encourage participating conferences in the city also they treated all interns like permanent officials. In the end my impression about this experience is quite positive and I would recommend it to other colleagues who want to be an intern in a kind, helpful and supportive office".


Marzia di Lorito at the Piedmont's Regional Office in Brussels.

"My experience at the Brussels Office of Regione Piemonte represented a great moment of professional growth along my entire academic career. I worked as policy officer assistant, Mr. Matteo Brumati, especially with regard to transport and mobility issues, environment, cohesion policy, agriculture and external communication. The work consisted in: drafting of amendments of european bills, position papers and meetings’ reports; reading and decoding of european documents, directives and regulations; organisation of events; working in team with other regional partner. Thanks to the knowledges gained during the RISE Master Programme, I had the opportunity to have a voice during all the activities and I felt as a part and parcel of the team. That was a great pleasure for me, especially because this was my first experience but it was really rewarding. I truly recommend this experience if you want to improve your ability to work with European issues, and learn how to defend the interest of the institution in the Brussels lobbying system. If you prove to be ready to understand and work hard - day-by-day - this experience will represent a good springboard to your future."

last update: 19-Dec-2017
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