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General Informations


Entering Italy

EU students and students from Switzerland and EEA (European Economic Area) Countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) who wish to stay in Italy for a period exceeding 3 months should register with the local Anagrafe (population register of the place of residence) of the district they reside. For periods not exceeding 3 months they can report their presence on Italian territory to the local Police authorities filling out the relevant form (Declaration of Presence - Dichiarazione di presenza).

Foreign nationals – that is citizens of other countries than those indicated above – may enter Italy provided that they hold a valid passport or equivalent travel document and, if required, an entry visa issued in their country of origin. A visa is not required if you are a national of one of the countries whose citizens are exempt from any visa requirement for short-term stays not exceeding 90 days. A visa is required if you are a national of one of the countries whose citizens are subject to a visa requirement. For more information on the countries which are exempt from visa requirement please consult the web site of Polizia di Stato (State Police, see below).

If you wish to stay in Italy for a period exceeding 90 days, you are subject to a visa requirement even if you are a citizen of a country exempt from any visa requirement for short stay. Besides, if you are a non-EU national and plan to come to Italy for a period exceeding three months, you must apply for a residence permit. If it is your first time in Italy, you have 8 days to apply for a residence permit.


Where to apply for a residence permit:

• Municipalities (‘Comuni’) which provide this service;

• ‘Patronati’ (institutions offering advice and social assistance to workers);

• Immigration Desk (Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione) set up in every Italian province at the Prefettura;

• Post Offices, where you receive the kit containing the application form.


Foreigners who stay in Italy for study for periods not exceeding 3 months are not required to apply for a residence permit. If foreign citizens have arrived from non-Schengen states, they should report their presence to the border authorities when entering Italy and the border authorities will put a uniform Schengen stamp on their travel documents. If foreign citizens have arrived from other Schengen states, they should report their presence to the local Questura (Central police station in the province) filling out the relevant form within 8 days of their arrival in Italy.


For more information on the procedures and relevant costs, on the list of the Municipalities, Patronati and Post offices which can provide a residence permit please check the following web site:


Useful links:


Lost documents and objects:

In case of lost or stolen documents, a charge must be presented at the Police Headquarters (Questura), the Police Station or at the Carabinieri station of the district where you live (open 24 hours a day).

For enquiries on lost objects:

• Oggetti trovati – Lost and Found: Via F. Veracini 5, int. 5 | 50144 Firenze | Tel. 055 334802 Fax 055 3246473 | E-mail:

• Objects lost on the train: Tel. 055 2356120



 You may also find a room to rent on your own. Here some information to help you:

  1. You can look at which is a local advertising newspaper, or or
  2. You will find a lot of rent advertisement directly on the bulletin board at the entrance of the faculty;
  3. You can google for: ‘affitti Erasmus Firenze’.
  4.  Housing Anywhere is a housing platform where students that go abroad for an exchange semester or internship can sublet their rooms. Incoming exchange students that come to your city can rent those rooms.
  5. Hostels in Florence
  • Hostels provide cheap accommodations andcan be a profitable solution for a temporarystay. The following list includes some of the most important hostels in the town of Florence:
  • Hostel Archi Rossi: via Faenza, 94r | 50123 Firenze | Tel. 055 290804 |
  • Ostello Gallo d’oro: via Cavour, 104 | 50129 Firenze | Tel. 055 5522964 |
  • Plus Hostel Florence: via Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, 15 | 50129 Firenze | Tel. 0556286347 |
  •  Residenza Scolopium: via Venezia 18/B | 50121 Firenze | Tel. 055 579603 |
  • Ostello Santa Monaca: via Santa Monaca, 6 | 50124 Firenze | Tel. 055 268338 |
  • Hostel 7 Santi: viale dei Mille, 11 | 50131 Firenze | Tel. 055 5048452 |
  • Youth Hostel Firenze 2000: viale R. Sanzio, 16 | 50124 Firenze | Tel. 055 2335558 |
  • Ostello Europa Villa Camerata: viale A. Righi, 4 | 50137 Firenze | Tel. 055 601451 |


Travelling in Florence:

  • By Bus: The easiest way of travelling in Florence is by public transport. Students under 27 may purchase a monthly ticket ATAf and Li-nea for Euro 23,00. Holders of monthly tickets will need an ATAF I.D. card which can be obtained from the ATAF Point (at the central railway station of Santa Maria Novella) and from other locations listed in Ataf website, upon filling the relevant application form. You will also need one passport photograph and a document proving your registration to the University of Florence. Bus tickets can be bought from bars, tobacconists, newsagents showing the sign “biglietti ATAF” (ATAF tickets), but also from automatic distributing machines. The ticket must be validated in the special stamping machines as soon as the passenger gets on board. For further information consult
  • By Taxi: to call a taxi dial 055 4242 – 055 4390. Taxis are also parked outside railway stations and in the main town squares.
  • Hire Cars: there are several rental car companies in Florence (cf. telephone directory). Motorbikes, bikes and segways can also be easily rented.



Centro Universitario Sportivo Firenze (C.U.S. FIRENZE A.S.D.): it its facilities the Sports Centre organizes a full range of courses with qualified instructors open to all Universityof Florence students, including Fitness and Body Building, GAG, Bosu, Aquagym, Aerobics, Karate, Yoga, Capoeira, Caribbean dance, Archery, Tennis. Students can hire facilities such as 5-a-side and 7 a-side soccer pitches and other sports centres at special terms. Moreover, students can take part in interfaculty tournaments, promotional and leisure activities, winter and summer camps and competitions (National University Championships, etc.). For further information

  • Consult the Sports Centre web site:
  • Contact Secretariat at the following address: Segreteria del C.U.S. Firenze (head office), Palazzetto Universitario dello Sport Via V. della Rovere, 40 – Firenze, tel. 055 450244 – 055 451789 fax: 055 4250336
  • Segreteria del C.U.S. Firenze Impianto Val di Rose (Branch office) Via Lazzerini, 217 – Sesto Tel. and fax 055 4251150


Sporting facilities

Palazzetto Universitario dello Sport e Impianto di Atletica Via Vittoria della Rovere, 40 – Firenze

Impianto Val di Rose Polo Scientifico Universitario – via Lazzerini, 217 – Sesto Fiorentino (FI)


Useful numbers

  • Municipal Police (Polizia Municipale) 0553283333
  • Immediate Police intervention (Pronto Intervento) 113
  • Ambulance 118
  • SOS cars (ACI) 803116
  • Road Police 055 50681
  • Fire Brigade (Vigili del Fuoco) 115
  • Carabinieri 112
  • Corpo Forestale dello Stato (Environmental Emergency) 1515


For further details, visit the University webpage: Students from abroad

last update: 02-Mar-2016
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