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RISE Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Relazioni Internazionali e Studi Europei

Italian Language Course


The University of Florence strongly advises foreign incoming students to achieve a sufficient knowledge of Italian language before arriving to Firenze. 

Once you have arrived in Florence and you have enrolled in our School, you may go to the Linguistic Centre of our University with the “libretto” (it’s the booklet  of your exams in Italy) and do an interview which will allow you to follow the course.  You have to go to the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo website and follow the instructions of the ONLINE FORM , further instructions will be sent by e-mail.


Cultural Centre

Founded in 1907, this centre organizes four levels of Italian language courses (preparatory,intermediate, advanced intermediate and advanced) and the following courses of Italian Culture: Italian Literature I and II, History of Art I and II, Italian History, Etruscan Civilization, Art and Culture in Florence from Renaissance to Enlightenment, History of Music, Italian Movies, History of the Italian Theatre, Italian Eating Habits and Food Culture, organized in four terms: autumn, winter, spring and summer term.

Secretary and Seat of the courses, Via Francesco Valori, 9 – Firenze, tel. 055 2756938-936 fax 055 2756940 |

last update: 02-Mar-2016
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