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RISE Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Relazioni Internazionali e Studi Europei

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements


To be admitted to RISE Master's Programme, prospective students must possess a three-year degree or diploma from a University, or a similar academic qualification recognized as equivalent. Prospective students must also have completed specific curricular requirements and have had an adequate personal preparation, verified through procedures and criteria defined in the Regulations for the Master's programme.
The RISE Admissions Committee (LINK) will evaluate prospective students' applications on the basis of past personal and academic accomplishments, including exam scores.
The student who intends to enroll must have acquired in his or her undergraduate studies a basic grounding in selected subjects including history, political science, economics, and law. He or she must also be able to express him or herself both orally and in writing in English.
A student that does not have the necessary academic background may enroll individual courses prior to matriculating to the full Master's course.


Students from abroad


The students who have studied abroad must submit their application to the Admissions Committee. They must send a copy of their University Degree and of the syllabus of each class, detailing the content and readings of each course they have followed, to the email address of the Admissions Committee. These documents must be in English or Italian (no translation approved by a Consulate is needed at this stage of the application procedure).

For more detailed information on admissions and an assessment of a prospective student's academic suitability please contact Prof. Luisa Vierucci (

Further information on the University webpage at 



last update: 27-July-2018
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