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Double Degree Program with Gdansk University of Technology

RISE students will be able to take advantage of an agreement that will allow students to get a double degree at the Gdansk  University of Technology,  specifically the Master in Economic Analytics track in Global Studies, which has been offered by the School of Economy and Management for many years. 

The Polish program is limited to five students per year.


In order to get the double degree, during their second year of study, which they will spend in Poland, students will have to complete 36 credits, exclusive of an internship or dissertation.  The University of Florence and the Gdansk University of Technology have established a chart of course correspondences and their credit equivalencies.  The students will also be able to do their internships in Poland (150 hours), and the receiving University will be responsible for assisting them to find the appropriate internship and organizing it according to local rules. The required 36 credits can be completed in one semester, but it is advisable to spend the entire academic year in Gdansk.
Gdansk University





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