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Admission Requirements for students with a Degree from a non-Italian university



These instructions apply to students – either Italian or not – with a Bachelor degree from a non-Italian university . Students with a degree from an Italian university should refer to the information on the Italian version of this website.


How to apply


Students with a degree from a non-Italian university must send the application form through the portal DreamApply  by the deadline published on the platform itself. Applications with degrees not yet earned will not be considered.


Admission requirements



To be admitted to the RISE Master's programme, prospective students must possess a three-year Degree or Diploma from a University, or a similar academic qualification recognized as equivalent: they must have obtained a cumulative grade point average - CPGA - equal or higher than 80/100.

In order to be considered for admission to the programme, prospective students must have passed at least 4 exams, two in the field of Law  ( e.g. International Law, Public Administrative Law; Comparative Constitutional Law) ; and two in the Economics area  (Macro Economics; Micro Economics; International Economics) ; they must have a sound knowledge in the fields of History, Sociology and Political Science.

This means that students with a technical diploma (e.g. Agricultural studies, Engineering, Mathematics) or with a B.A. in Foreign languages, Literature, etc. do not meet the entry criteria and hence cannot be considered for admission. The RISE Admissions Committee will ask for the syllabus of specific Bachelors only if necessary to properly evaluate the entry request. 


Evaluation Procedure


The admission committee will evaluate your application on the basis of the Admissions Requirements described above. There are three possible outcomes:

1. Your application is successful and you can enrol to the Master program (i.e. the "Nulla Osta" is provided. You can enroll to the RISE Master programme).
2. You do not meet some of the admission requirements. Then in order to be awarded the ‘Nulla Osta” you will have to send additional documents and/or pass an exam and/or sit for an interview.
3. You do not meet the admission requirements: you are not admitted to the Master program.

Important: you can enrol into the RISE Master Program only once you have received the document called NULLA OSTA, which proves that you satisfy all the requirements. You cannot enrol without having accomplished this step.


Prior to admittance and in order to provide the clearance to enroll ('nulla osta') to those students that lack specific curricular requirements (see 2. above), based on the evaluation of their academic transcript and personal accomplishments, the Admissions Committee may require further exams be passed. No more than 3 additional exams can be requested. These exams (educational debits) may be completed at a university of the student’s choice, or at the University of Florence through the access to single subjects. Once the exams have been passed, the student must present to the Admissions Committee the relative certification in order to obtain the required Nulla Osta.


Given the internationalist vocation and the partially English educational offer of the Master's degree, students are required to hold a C1 or higher English certification at the time of enrolment. Otherwise, once enrolled in the Master's degree, students will have to achieve this certification by doing the C1 test organized for the degree course by the University Language Centre. A specific degree course commission will verify that this certification was acquired by the end of the first year of the Master's course.

The candidates that intend to complete the full programme in English are exempted from the test of knowledge of Italian language required by the University of Florence. However please note that a basic knowledge of Italian is needed in order to interact with the University administration.


Fees and scholarships


The fees are calculated on the basis of the income of the student or his/her family. For a grid of the amount due see Manifesto degli Studi (only in italian).

Please note that there are no specific scholarships for this programme. For information on scholarships offered by the University of Florence and other entities, see the official page.




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