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Double Degree Program with MGIMO - Moscow

Since 2011, a student exchange programme has been developed between the students of our Master’s Degree in ‘International Relations and European Studies’ at the University of Florence and the Master’s Degree in ‘International Relations’ (curriculum in International Policy) issued by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

The program includes the exchange of up to a maximum of three students each year: the students of the RISE Master’s Program will carry out the first year of studies in Florence and the second year in Moscow, where they can either opt for the course taught in English or in Russian. [info].

While abroad, the students enrolled in the double program are required to acquire a minimum of 60 ECTS.

The coordinator of the program is Prof. Rossella Bardazzi.

RISE Students

In order to participate, RISE students must be regularly enrolled in the first year of the Master's Degree in "International Relations and European Studies" and have obtained, at the time of submission of the application, a minimum of 18 credits.

Students regularly enrolled in the first year who will apply to participate in the program may, after passing the selection procedure, also take advantage of the extraordinary exam session in March, usually only open for graduating students. The exams to be taken in Italy are those reported at the following page [Piano di studi 2017/2018 della doppia laurea].
The application form can be submitted after the opening of the selection call which usually takes place in the months of January-February and closes at the end of the winter exam session. The selection will take place before the extraordinary examination session in March, as established by the announcement, so that the selected students can access this session to complete the 60 credits required before the mobility:

  • Students will be selected according to the following criteria: a) results achieved during their university career; b) knowledge of the Russian or English language depending on the chosen track (students choosing the Russian-taught track will take priority in the selection process); c) motivation and interest.
  • At the end of the selection a merit ranking will be drawn up, from which the winners will be identified. The selected winners, in order to enrol in the second year at MGIMO must have earned 60 credits before July, when the it will be formalised.
  • The names and details of the selected students will be communicated to the administrative offices at MGIMO and the invitation (or visa support letter) will be requested at the same time. This will be a multiple entry visa, valid from one week before the start of classes (September 1st) to June 30th (in July and August MGIMO holds neither teaching activity or exams)
  • Once received the invitation (or communication related to it - generally MGIMO will communicate to the Russian Consulate in Rome), the students will proceed to fulfil the relative procedures for issuing the visa.
  • The students themselves will communicate the date they chose for departure to the School's teaching office, taking into account the timetable of the lessons in Moscow which, unless it is a public holiday, is scheduled for September 1st, and need, once arrived, to provide all the necessary paperwork.
  • The students participating in the program will be housed in the University's guest house. Once in Russia, the competent offices of the MGIMO will regularize their position regarding the residence permit (OVIR) and registration.
  • At the end of their period of stay the students will receive the Double Title and all relative certification.


Dissertation and issue of titles

  • Students taking part in the program will discuss their final dissertation (thesis) at their respective Universities by the end of the second academic year. During the discussion it will be possible, on request, to provide an electronic connection with the partner University or the presence of a representative of the partner University in the Commission. In such cases the discussion will take place in English.

  • The dissertation will be written in English and a copy will be presented to both universities.

  • Students who fail to meet the criteria set by the host university (number of exams taken), but will be able to fulfil those established by their home university, will not be able to receive the qualification of the host university (and therefore they will not achieve the Double Degree Title), but they will still be able to continue their studies at their home university and the credits earned during the stay abroad will be recognized.




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