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How to prepare your Study Plan


How to prepare your Study Plan

Students must submit a detailed study plan for RISE Master's programme by their second year. Each student can select the courses that correspond to their year of registration in the Master's programme (e.g. a student registered in 2011/2012 is part of the 2011 group). RISE students who will enroll in 2014 are automatically assigned to the 2014 group, and are able to choose elective course offerings within the 2014 year list of course offerings.
In general, students have the option of switching to course offerings outside of their year of registration. However any change can only be for a subsequent year and it is not reversible. It is strongly recommended that students carefully consider the course offerings and consult the supervisor of the study plan before they decide to switch. 
A student's study plan must be submitted in electronic format. It can be submitted in paper form only if a student requests modifications to his or her study plan or if they must include exams passed during the Erasmus program. In this case, approvals will be made on a case-by-case basis by professors that oversee the track in International Relations or in European Studies.
Academic supervisors for the preparation of a student study plan:
  • For International Relations track - 
  • For European Studies track - Laura Sabani -
For more information, please see the study plan page (Italian version, International relationsEuropean Studies) on the website of the School of Political Sciences.




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