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RISE Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Relazioni Internazionali e Studi Europei

RISE Traineeship

Students, during their course of studies, must carry out an internship corresponding to 6 cfu It is an extremely important for the student and it is therefore necessary that is fully congruent with the path of study undertaken.

The training is typically done at the companies that have entered into a special agreement with the University, the list of which can be viewed by accessing the page Vuoi effettuare un tirocinio? through on-line services for students.

You can establish new agreements with companies not yet in servizio St@ge, by applying the online procedure that is at the link above. Remember that the procedure provides for the initiative and the connection of the contacts with the University by the institution or company.

It is also possible for students to do an internship or work placement at an institution or a company which no agreement with the University, without necessarily establishing a new convention. It is, however, essential to proceed to the recognition credits to ensure that the training period can be considered valid.

All students who will perform an internship at an institution or company, in agreement or not in agreement with the University, are expected to agree in advance this activity with the teacher delegated to the recognition of internship:

Prof. Francesca Ditifeci  (International Relations track)
Prof. Valeria Fargion  (European Studies track)

Students must then choose the internship and internship preferably from those indic ated in the lists of internships in Italy and abroad for the Degree RISE, agree the project with faculty delegates for internships and apprenticeships and, only after She received the approval and signature of the representative, to sign the draft by the president of the degree course.

Students (International Relations track) at the end of their internship/traineeship are asked to see professor F. Ditifeci (Office hour: Monday 10-12 D5 3.05) to fill the questionaire in. This is necessary to complete the requested internship/traineeship procedures.

For further information, please consult the page Tirocini, stage, job placement of the University website  and page Stage of the School of Political Science.

last update: 11-May-2015
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